An app to learn the basics of ladder logic, which is a graphical programming language. Free version available.


An app about distance, time & speed field in math. This app helps you to learn to calculate it with the animation a car runs on.


A cassette player for albums. This app gives you the experiences of listening music with cassette tapes. Free version available.


A music sequencer using numeric data. This app is for making MIDI data to send to an another app applied to virtual MIDI. Compatible with iPad.


The app analyzing the popularity of kanji.
The Japanese learn about 1000 kanji in elementary school. In lower grade, we learn kanji which have simple structures and used frequently. As the school grade goes up, they have more strokes and become less used ones. Being conscious of this stage is also helpful for those who learn the Japanese language.


This app is a game where you tap and erase multiple balls arranged geometrically. All you have to do is tap to erase the balls, but the restriction on the order in which you erase them makes the game interesting.
There are two main rules.
- You can't go at an angle
- You can't go back


This is an app for Kyotsu Test, the test widely used in Japanese university entrance exams, dealing with probability problems in mathematics especially.